Brockton bakery serves up 'taste of Brazil' — and a lot more than just baked goods

Family coming from humble beginnings found a way to succeed in America

Alisha Saint-Ciel
The Enterprise

BROCKTON — Get a taste of sweet treats and warm breads from South America right here in Brockton.

Taste of Brazil, a bakery located 696 Crescent St., is a family-run business serving fresh baked goods daily and hot authentic dishes.

Customers can enjoy a variety of flavors from acai bowls and burgers to steak and rice, giant pastels, coffee and bread, grilled chicken, pizza, soup and salad.

The bakery has a seemingly never-ending list of sweets ranging from chocolate balls and flan to tres leches, banana cake, pineapple upside down cake, rice pudding and much more.

The list of breads is also long and includes potato bread, French rolls, baguettes, sweet bread and Portuguese bread.

“Everyday the chef bakes something different and unique. We have customers coming from all over Massachusetts to try our food and coming from as far as Fall River to try our acai bowls,” said Aline Macedo, co-owner of Taste of Brazil.

Taste of Brazil co-owners and sisters Jacqualine Macedo of Hanson and Aline Macedo of Whitman hold up their X Brazil sandwich and Plate of The Day dishes, two of the more popular entrees they serves at their very popular restaurant on Crescent Street in Brockton on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

The owners are sisters and proud to bring their Brazilian roots to Brockton.

“There aren’t many Brazilian bakery’s around here. We wanted to create something different, a place where you can sit and have coffee with your friends in the middle of the day and try different food,” said Jacqueline Macedo, co-owner of Taste of Brazil.

The sisters highly suggest trying some of the gourmet hot foods that are available.

“Customers love the burgers. They’re super popular especially the ones created the Brazilian way,” Jacqueline said.

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Samuel Gomes, who comes all the way from Saugus, and Arthur Pechin from Haliax, sit down to a meal at the Taste of Brazil in Brockton on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

But there are alternative options including a classic vegetable burger and Americans style burger.

Opening this business has been a dream come true for the family that came from humble beginnings.

“We grew up poor in Brazil I remember one day I had to share an egg because that’s all we had. We make jokes about it now we have plenty of eggs we don’t have to share, but we had a hard time in Brazil and have to thank God it’s over,” Aline said.

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Both sisters are running businesses outside of the bakery and their mother Marinete Caliman is so proud of their accomplishments.

In 1999 Caliman decided to journey to America to try for a new life for her daughters. While here she worked many hours to save and open her own Brazilian retail business.

She was able to provide for her family and bring them to America seven years later. Now her daughters are both successful entrepreneurs with several businesses and it brings tears of happiness to her eyes.

“When you want something you have to believe in God, and everything comes true,” Caliman said.