Pennsylvania woman retires from McDonald's after 45 years

James Powel

A Pennsylvania woman retired from McDonalds Friday after working under the golden arches for 45 years.

Dot Sharp, 84, took her last order at a Gibsonia, Pennsylvania drive through Friday and reflected on her time working for the company.

"I'm really sad about that because it's not so much the food, it's the people," Sharp told Pittsburgh's WTAE. "The people that I work with, they were great, they treated me great all these years, and we have the best customers in the world here.

Sharp's granddaughter Dottie Sims, who has also worked at a nearby McDonald's for 20 years, was the octogenarian's final customer. "She was there with me for my first order. I used to go to work with her when I was little, and she would (let me) hand out customers change for them," Sims told the station.

McDonald's menu items added since Dot Sharp's first day

Since her first day working for McDonald's Sharp has seen a number of items come and go from the menu, including:

  • Happy Meals - 1978
  • McRib Sandwich - 1982
  • Chicken Nuggets - 1983
  • Salad - 1986
  • McPizza - 1986
  • McFlurry - 1995
  • McCafe Coffee - 2001
  • Oatmeal - 2010

"We started the Happy Meal down (at the first location). Whenever they came out with the Barbie and the Hot Wheel ones, people would come in and order 50 Happy Meals at one time," Sharp said.

Sharp's co-workers wished her well in retirement.

"She brought a sunny disposition to every shift and always made the customer her top priority. I’m hoping Dot enjoys a well-deserved break in her retirement," franchise owner operator Meghan Sweeney told WTAE.